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10 Benefits of CBD for Athletes

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The use of CBD by athletes has increased significantly in recent years and has evolved into a supplement with a wide range of recognized benefits. After all, well-being is an essential part of our lives, and many sports enthusiasts seek CBD to improve it, as well as their physical prowess. But what is CBD and what are its advantages for athletes? Simply put, it is a molecule of the cannabis plant. However, it is not addictive or psychotropic and contains a number of active ingredients that have a very favorable impact on the body.

Therefore, more and more health professionals advise its use in specific circumstances and the field of sport is one of them. Due to its advantages for professional athletes, this drug was removed from the World Doping Agency’s list of prohibited substances in 2018.

Oils, for their concentration of CBD, and creams, for their topical use in muscles, are the most popular forms of CBD consumption among athletes. CBD is an ideal supplement to improve performance and accelerate muscle recovery and can be consumed in the form of flowers, drops, creams, vaporizers and extracts.

Discover 10 advantages of CBD for athletes:

1 – Strengthens the Immune System

CBD acts in our endocannabinoid system, a complex system present in all mammals and is responsible for regulating the main functions of our organism, including immunity. CBD strengthens the immune system, protecting our body from infections and keeping our body in perfect condition for sports practices.

2 – Relieves pain

It is natural for athletes to experience muscle pains after intense training sessions, as well as chronic pains due to the intense efforts they undergo over the years. Not treating the pains properly can negatively affect the athlete’s career and one’s quality of life when he is older.

CBD has a lot of analgesic potential, so it can help by raising the pain thresholds of athletes and the pain of intense exercise is reduced. It also plays an important role in relieving muscle cramps.
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3 – Speed up recovery

Since CBD acts as a painkiller by reducing pain, it also speeds healing, thus playing a crucial role in athletes’ recovery.

The effects of CBD can be beneficial in cases of injuries, muscle tears and others, as they help both at the symptomatic level (providing relaxation and relief from pain) and at the healing level, facilitating the recovery processes of bones, muscles and skin.

4 – Prevents inflammations

Inflammation is a natural reaction to injury or arduous training. Athletes may be unable to start their training regimen or even compete because of these inflammations. Inflammation can be suppressed by CBD, which acts to protect the body from injury or muscle strain.

5 – Increases physical endurance

As we have seen above, CBD activates and balances the endocannabinoid system in humans, thus helping to improve endurance and overall body condition. As a result, CBD provides a competitive advantage in sport that is very beneficial for athletes.

6 – Promotes muscle growth 

Some hormones can reduce muscles, such as cortisol. This hormone is released by the body in stressful situations and wanting or not, workouts are situations of physical stress. If cortisol rises can be limited, you can theoretically reduce the damage it causes to muscle size. Apparently, CBD helps control the excess cortisol experienced during stressful situations, both mentally and physically. In this way, the anti-catabolic properties of CBD could be so beneficial to boost muscle growth.
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7 – Help to rest

We know well that athletes need to recover in order to improve their performance. One of the functions of our Endocannabinoid System is to regulate sleep, thanks to its homeostatic action of the circadian rhythm. That being so, CBD can provide the relaxation needed for athletes to sleep faster, better and in a repairing way.

8 – Reduces anxiety and stress

CBD acts in the processes of perception, management and response to stress and anxiety, reducing the neural and endocrine activity of the physiological stress circuits and contributing to the homeostasis of the organism. In this way, CBD could be a great ally of athletes as it helps them recover from stress and its symptoms.
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9 – Contributes to mental health

In addition to helping manage stress and depression, sleep better and lower anxiety levels, CBD can also help improve our moods. CBD acts in the natural production of Anandamida, a molecule associated with the regulation of appetite, pleasure and the sensation of reward, contributing in this way to have more mental health in our sports practices.
10 – Not listed in drug tests

For high performance athletes, who need to undergo anti-dopping tests, broad spectrum CBD products are an option, meaning products that do not contain THC. Anti-drug tests usually specifically look for traces of THC and with the use of a broad spectrum product you guarantee that you will not have problems with any sports committee.

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