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34 Benefits of CBD! How CBD OIL Works?

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What is CBD? The complete guide to cannabidiol, the use, benefits and risks of CBD oil

According to recent scientific findings, CBD oil has a wide variety of therapeutic and medical benefits. The more we learn about it and its benefits, it becomes more likely that CBD will soon revolutionize the medical industry.

The effect that CBD has on the human brain and body, for example, cannot be compared to any other type of natural or artificial medicine, because CBD can treat chronic diseases and other serious diseases by directly connecting with brain cells.

Cannabis oil is a plant-based oil that can help relieve various skin and health problems. It is much more beneficial than you imagine – it also has antipsychotic effects on the brain, among other benefits.

The most well-known benefits of this oil are related to the relief of conditions such as ADHD, addictions, allergies, Alzheimer’s, anxiety, and so on. arthritis, asthma, autism, cancer, cardiovascular disease, Crohn’s disease, dementia, depression, diabetes, obesity, liver disease, menopause, mood changes, multiple sclerosis, nausea, Pain and inflammation, Parkinson’s disease, depression and anxiety in animals, premenstrual syndrome, psoriasis, seizures, sexual problems, skin conditions, insomnia, withdrawal after quitting smoking, sports trauma, stress, recovery after a stroke, sunburn.

34 benefits of CBD oil:


After the explosion of ADHD cases in the latter part of the 20th century, this condition was ignored due to more serious problems. But it affects a lot of people who find it very difficult to focus on a task. CBD oil is a way to counteract these symptoms by calming the nervous system and reorienting the mind.

2 Dependency

Addictions are common in modern society. Whether it’s addiction to psychotic substances, such as drugs and alcohol, or addiction to sugar and candy, once you decide to control your own life, CBD products can help you with withdrawal symptoms.

3 Allergies

All allergies begin in the intestine after a strong blood toxemia. Consuming CBD products can help detoxify the body.

4. Alzheimer’s

Cannabis-based products have the ability to stop the degradation of brain cells. Thus, they are a powerful means of reducing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Antipsychotic effect

Many diseases and diseases that are linked to abnormalities in brain function could be relieved, and pain and confusion could be lessened with CBD-based products, which have a strong antipsychotic effect.

6. Anxiety

Once it comes into contact with it, the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant affect the human central nervous system and relax the brain. This way, it causes an improvement in tension and calms you when you have an anxiety attack.

7. Asthma

Cannabidiol is known for its help in relieving the state of the central nervous system and can therefore ease the rhythm of breathing in people with asthma.

Cannabidiol is known for its help in relieving the state of the central nervous system and can therefore ease the rhythm of breathing in people with asthma.

8. Autism

Regardless of the real reason for the explosion of autism cases in children in recent decades, one way to relieve symptoms and help the child’s body function better is by consuming CBD-based products such as cannabis oil.

9 The cancer

It has not been recognized as an official way to treat cancer, but it has been proven that CBD destroys cancer cells and helps you manage the side effects of chemotherapy.

10. Cardiovascular diseases

Although treatments are constantly improving, heart and blood vessel diseases are among the most common causes of death among adults. Caused by poor eating habits, stress and smoking, these diseases are treatable with the help of CBD oil, for example.

11. Crohn’s disease

The toxins in the food you eat are absorbed into your digestive tract and then they end up in your blood. This can cause inflammation and pain, which are the symptoms of Crohn’s disease. Such situations can be prevented with the help of cannabis-based products such as CBD oil.

12 dementia

Dementia manifests itself in several forms, one of which is Alzheimer’s disease. It is common among people of certain age groups. Cannabis oil helps calm the brain, prevents the degeneration of cells and synapses, and fights this condition.

13. Depression

Depression is one of the most common serious mental disorders of the 21st century. It is the result of our inability to keep up with the challenges of everyday life. Consuming CBD oil can help you adopt a healthy way to deal with all the things that make you sad.

14. Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious condition that can lead to many other health problems. Cannabis oil, for example, can lower your blood sugar and prevent other problems.

15. Diet and weight loss

While the problem of hunger in third World countries appears to be growing despite the work of many organizations, many developed countries have a problem with obesity. If you’re struggling to lose weight and become healthier, CBD oil can help you take control of your body and brain. resist the temptations.

16. Insomnia

Insomnia is a problem that many people suffer from, and its causes vary – stress, rapid changes in weather, monthly phases, etc. But we can assure you that with the help of cannabis products, you will be able to relax your nervous system and have a restful sleep.

17. Liver disease

Cannabidiol and its applications help fight liver disease by restoring the normal amount of serotonin receptors in the body.

18. Menopause

Linked to a change in the way the body works, menopause can cause many hormonal problems and other symptoms. One way to combat them could be by consuming CBD-based products.

19 Changes in disposition

Mood swings are a common effect of a hormonal imbalance and are directly related to the nervous system of the body. CBD oils and dietary supplements can restore the normal functioning of the system and help you in case of rapid mood swings.

20. Multiple sclerosis

CBD-based products have been shown to be very useful for calming the nervous system and restoring its normal functioning. Therefore, it can be helpful for patients with multiple sclerosis by relieving symptoms and calming the body.

21 The nausea

Although it is naturally beneficial for your body. getting rid of unwanted and toxic substances that can block its functions, sometimes nausea is just an effect of over-stimulating the eyes and brain during a trip by land or sea. If this is the case, CBD oil could save your day, alleviating symptoms and relaxing you.

22. Pain and inflammation

From chronic inflammation to labor and migraines, CBD products offer an easy, natural and healthy way to relieve pain and feel better.

23. Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s disease affects your nervous system, making it impossible to control your body. Cannabis-based products calm your body and facilitate its normal functioning.

24. Pet diseases

The increase in cases of depression and anxiety in dogs, cats and other domestic animals has been observed in recent years You could help your pet feel better by giving him some CBD oil. Do not forget to consult your veterinarian before doing so!

25. Premenstrual syndrome

Since the age of 12-13, each girl has experienced PMS (premenstrual syndrome) at least once. Symptoms vary depending on each person’s body and body. …

Since the age of 12-13, each girl has experienced PMS (premenstrual syndrome) at least once. Symptoms vary depending on each person’s body and body. Cannabis oil and other CBD-based products can help alleviate pain and feel better during that time of the month.

26 convulsions

Seizures, such as those in epilepsy, could be avoided by using cannabis-based products. Cannabis oil, for example, can also help relieve symptoms after the seizure.

27. Sexual life

The general opinion holds that by drinking alcohol or drugs you can relax and feel more comfortable when it comes to sex. But both things can also cause damage to your body and mind. CBD oil is the answer to such situations because it offers all the positive benefits of cannabis without the psychotic effect of THC.

28. Skin conditions: Acne, arthritis, psoriasis

All skin conditions, such as acne, arthritis, and psoriasis, are caused by toxins that we absorb through the skin or through eating food. Applied externally to the skin, cannabis oil can help you reduce symptoms, relieve irritated skin, and clean your pores.

29. Side effects of CBD-based products

Like any product, cannabis has general side effects, but these depend on how the product is consumed or applied. Because it is extracted from a plant with the help of special techniques, cannabis oil will not have any side effects in your case. if you use it in the right amount.

30. Smoking

Although nowadays it is widely known that smoking is harmful to health and skin and is the cause of numerous diseases, including cancer, there are still many people around the world who smoke. If you are one of these but want to change your lifestyle to a healthier one, cannabis products could help you combat withdrawal symptoms.

31. Sports injuries

Exercising sends more blood to your brain, provides endorphins, and makes you feel more energized and motivated. But too much exercise can be dangerous for you. – you can crash. In such situations, CBD products can help you recover properly.

32. Stress

Stress is part of our everyday life. Especially if you live in a large city with a lot of traffic and noise, it is not easy to cope with stress all the time. Naturally, to calm and relax your body and brain, you need to get closer to nature – and cannabis oil can help you in this.

33. Stroke

Stressful everyday life and poor eating habits could lead not only to unhealthy weight gain, but also to brain dysfunction – the occurrence of a stroke is very common among adults of different ages. To recover quickly, you can use cannabis oil as a dietary supplement, as it will relieve symptoms after stroke.

34. Sunburn

As the climate changes, the sun’s rays become stronger, resulting in not only melting huge masses of ice, but also skin damage. So when you’re experiencing sunburn, a little cannabis oil can alleviate pain and help your skin heal faster.
3. How to get CBD oil? The four main methods of extraction

In this article, you will learn more about cannabidiol (CBD), its uses and applications, the oil extracted from it, and more. The following topics will be covered:

What is CBD?
34 benefits of CBD oil
How to get CBD oil? The four main methods of extraction
What is full spectrum CBD oil?
What is CBD isolate?
Varieties of CBD oil (raw, filtered or decarboxylated)
How to choose and buy CBD oil?

1. What is CBD?

The abbreviation “CBD” means cannabidiol. It is extracted from the hemp of marijuana plants and turns out to be the most important cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. However, it should be noted that CBD, unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), does not have a psychoactive effect on the human brain.

CBD helps maintain various psychological processes by interacting with receptors in the nervous and immune systems. Moreover, the body itself produces cannabinoids as part of the functions of the endocannabinoid system.

CBD differs from THC in several ways, and researchers claim it also helps control the damage that THC could do to the brain and body. In this regard, CBD could help cure anxiety or paranoia. So THC with a constant ratio of CBD strains is a preferred option when it comes to marijuana use. CBD regulates the effect of THC on the body and mind.
How does CBD work?

What does CBD do?

Before we delve into further details, it is essential to focus attention on the abilities of this small but powerful compound.

Cannabidiol dominates all conversations about the scope of cannabis and CBD in the medical field. However, not only has the medical world shown such interest, but recreational users also wonder how CBD works.

Because of its stress and pain-relieving qualities, CBD could become a part of our daily routine. Moreover, it helps to relax the body, affecting the release of receptors in the central nervous system.
How does CBD interact with the body?

CBD interacts with the human body through the network of neurons and the endocannabinoid system. This system is spread throughout the body and has several receptors that bind to cannabinoids for CBD to reach the bloodstream. The chemical processes resulting from these interactions cause various reactions in the body.

To facilitate understanding of the effects of CBD on the body, we have prepared a brief description of the whole process:
Effects of CBD on the body

There are different cannabis plants from which CBD can be extracted, but it is most often found in hemp. CBD is one of over 85 cannabinoid chemical compounds in the cannabis plant. It is the second most abundant compound, representing a total of 40% of extracts. However, the amounts of THC in hemp are lower than those of CBD. Recently, demand for CBD has increased. That’s why growers and breeders are working hard to find new genetic strains of CBD that will help produce pure CBD crops that don’t contain trace amounts of THC. But this has not yet been achieved.

A single molecule of CBD is less effective in healing than an entire plant. According to examinations and research, single-particle CBD has an extremely small compatibility area and requires extraordinary precision to be viable, while reducing fixation; the whole plant, diet with the nutrient supplement rich in CBD now becomes viable for some people.

How to use CBD oil?

How can you use cbd?

CBD has a wide range of applications and uses. Here are some of them:

It is no longer 2014, you will not be ridiculed anymore because you have an e-cigarette. CBD wax or concentrates can be used to vaporize CBD oil or wax.
Foods like chocolate, caramels, sweets, negreses
In drinks. Several coffee houses in states where cannabis is legal or decriminalized have become known for offering espresso and CBD tea. Several distilleries in the West have made CBD accessible in bars.
Pet Rewards (CBD for pets). Some dispensaries now offer rewards for puppies produced with CBD-rich hemp in order to help restless animals.

cbd oil benefits

How is CBD extracted

The highest quality CBD is extracted from industrial hemp, which contains an advantageous amount of THC and has no psychoactive effects. It has recently gained much attention after potential uses have been proven through studies.

Extraction is the simplest method because the plant contains little THC.

There are some brands that test rigorously to ensure that the content of CBD, as well as the other cannabinoids, are equal.

We, the Swiss Formula, always offer a certificate of analysis, which tells you exactly what kind of compounds are in hemp oil and in what concentrations. We make sure to maintain the quality of CBD extracted directly from the plant. That is why we use extraction facilities and techniques of the highest quality

Many people wonder how to get CBD oil, and the answer is very simple. The extraction process involves the use of a solvent to extract the oil from the hemp strain. There are many solvents used in trade, all of which have benefits and disadvantages. Frequently used solvents are CO2, olive oil and other liquid solvents.

CBD extraction with CO2

The CO2 extraction technique is very specific and certainly the safest and most efficient method possible. However, the process is considerably more expensive. Our experts use high-tech equipment in the process that changes the CO2 phases by applying pressure and temperature.

CO2 gas is compressed and cooled for storage at 1000 psi. This pressure converts the gas into a liquid. Once compressed, CO2 is gas and liquid at the same time.
CO2 is heated and, when it becomes gas, passes through hemp into a device called a closed loop extractor, which helps extract pure CBD oil. Pressure and temperature are managed with such perfection that the nutritional content of hemp is not affected.
The result of this process is high-quality CBD in the purest form available. All CBD products and extracts are stored in dark containers to ensure that light and heat do not affect the concentration of chemicals in the extracts.

Our experts use the same process to understand the other chemicals in hemp and to determine what kind of positive effects it could have on the human body.

We, Formula Swiss, also perform quality control of all products and provide transparent test results.
Extraction with olive oil or ethanol

Ethanol is one of the ways used to extract full-profile CBD. However, there are some disadvantages of this extraction method:

It is soluble in water and will easily dissolve chlorophyll, thanks to which the aroma of the product is grassy and bitter.
Chlorophyll is easily extracted, but additional methods will increase the cost of production.
It has been found that when chlorophyll is removed from the extracted CBD, the strength of the oil is reduced.

This technique is not used frequently. Instead, the extraction method with olive oil is applied. It is a simple method, because the olive oil is heated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and then the fumes are filtered through the CBD plant. However, plant filtration and oil extraction can reduce the strength of the leaves, which leads to the need to use a higher dose to achieve the same effects.
Extraction method with butane and hexane

This method is known as the Rick Simpson method.

Rick Simpson was a man suffering from tinnitus and dizziness following an incident. The treatment he received had no effect. As a result, he watched a documentary about the benefits of CBD and then asked his doctor about CBD treatment. After being refused, he began extracting his own CBD and noticed an improvement in its condition after use.

For the extraction process, Rick Simpson used different hydrocarbons, such as:


Hydrocarbons have a low boiling point that can be purged during the extraction process. During this process, the purest form of CBD oil is extracted. It is very easy and cost-effective, but at the same time dangerous, as it could lead to explosions. During extraction, they produce open smoke, which is flammable.

4. What is full spectrum CBD oil?

what is full spectrum cbd

Full spectrum CBD oil is the oil that has all the important chemical content that can be found in the original plant. So you will get all the natural benefits of CBD oil.

In full-spectrum CBD oil there are a variety of nutrients available, known as:

Fatty acids

When referring to CBD extracted from the hemp plant, it is important to note that there are several cannabinoids present in the compounds that help treat the disease in question.

In full-spectrum CBD oil you will find all the elements in their purest form, while in the isolated most important elements are not present, because the severe heating process destroys the nutritional content of the elements.
Full spectrum CBD oil content

The only way to fully realize the benefits of CBD oil is to learn the role and properties of the chemical content of the full spectrum of the product.

Cannabinoids. As we have already mentioned, CBD has a positive effect on your health. It helps relieve pain and hyperactive conditions. But the biggest benefits of full-spectrum CBD organic oil extracted from the hemp plant is that it has the lowest concentration of THC, which means you won’t have to deal with psychotic side effects.
Cannabigerol (CBG) is generally known as stem cell cannabinoid. In most processes, CBG is transformed into CBD naturally by the…

CBD isolate is basically the purest form of CBD. It is extracted from cannabis hemp in the form of crystals. This explains its authenticity because crystals are usually the natural and pure form of anything extracted from another natural source.

CBD isolate is considered to be the best source of CBD that can be consumed in its purest form. However, CBD isolate is most often mixed with oils used for pain relief and against conditions such as cancer, schizophrenia and even multiple sclerosis.
How is CBD isolate produced?

There is an appropriate procedure that aims to convert the strains of CBD into crystals. Here’s how this happens:

cbd crystals

CBD isolates are extracted as part of a special method, which involves removing CO2 and other unwanted ingredients from the cannabis plant.
After that, to obtain the CBD isolate, the stems of plants are filtered and purified.
This procedure allows CBD isolate to be produced in the purest forms, which is a wonderful result of the natural remedies developed for medicinal treatments.

Full spectrum CBD vs. Isolated CBD

full spectrum cbd vs. cbd isolates

Full-spectrum CBD oil is better compared to isolates.

Here are a few reasons why we say this:

CBD oil is consumed by putting a few drops under the tongue, as a result it has a quick effect on the disease or disease.
CBD oil is obtained when natural CBD crystals are mixed with liquids, such as organic olive oil, which helps enhance its benefits.
CBD oil is easy and simple to consume as opposed to direct consumption of CBD isolate, which is difficult for most people because it is easier to swallow.
The oil tends to intensify the treatment procedure due to its natural properties, which is why it is also beneficial for massages and other therapies.

The use of CBD isolate

CBD isolate can be consumed directly. However, the best way to consume it is in the form of oil. It can also be consumed in baked goods such as black or with foods containing natural fatty acids such as butter, milk, cheese, etc.

6. Varieties of CBD oil

There are three basic forms of CBD oil, and all CBD oil products fall into them.


We will analyze in detail each of these three types of CBD oil.
Raw CBD oil

until its extraction and then it is left in this state. The lack of further processing causes the oil to contain a wide variety of compounds, such as: Plant particles, lipids (fats), chlorophyll and terpenes. Most often, the coloring of this oil varies between pale green and dark green, having a thick consistency. CBD oil is preferred primarily by people who want to take advantage of the use of the whole hemp plant, not just cannabidiol.
Decarboxylated CBD oil

This oil is aimed at either people seeking an edible CBD or those suffering from problems such as anxiety, insomnia, joint inflammation and headaches.

The decarboxylation procedure is regarded as an approach to increasing the quality and viability of CBD, which leads to a faster response time once it reaches your body.

The staining and consistency of decarboxylated CBD oil is similar to that of the oil in its raw state.
Filtered CBD oil

Filtered CBD oil is the most popular and therefore the most sought after. This product suits people with a wide variety of problems, from mild anxiety to serious diseases.

7. Where to buy CBD oil

There are numerous cases of CBD oil users who have not been able to feel its benefits, which is simply because they buy the wrong CBD product. There are many manufacturers on the market that use low-quality extraction techniques, as a result of which the power and effectiveness of CBD is reduced.

How to choose the best CBD oil

Selecting CBD requires careful action. Here are some of the important things you need to consider.
How to choose CBD oil? Choose a reputable company

We prefer Swiss companies because they are authentic and deliver quality domestic hemp products. Pay attention to the extraction process that the company uses and be sure to consider the reviews and ratings of other customers of the company.

Consulting previous customers is a practice used to exchange experiences regarding the performance of the company and the quality of its products. Make sure you don’t compromise on quality when buying CBD oil.

Choose plant-based CBD instead of crystals

choose plant based cbd instead of crystals

A common mistake most customers make is to buy crystal-based CBD oil instead of plant-based oil.

You should choose herbal oil for the following reasons:

The crystals could have been kept for a long time, and if this is the case, then their potency is reduced. However, plant extracts are fresh and strong.
Crystals often contain preservatives, which reduces the positive effect of the product, while plant extracts are the purest, meaning that all benefits are maintained.

During product selection, be sure to ask manufacturers whether CBD is plant-based or crystal-based.
Hemp plants should be grown 100% organically

100% organic grown hemp

The nutritional value and concentration of CBD are higher in organic plants compared to hemp strains that have been grown with fertilizer.

You should be aware that in the case of certain hemp plants, the content of fertilizers and pesticides is high. The elimination of these chemicals cannot be achieved by simply washing plants. This means that the chemicals could be transferred to CBD oil during the extraction process and then affect your body.
Pay attention to the production method

Make sure you know which production method the company uses. Some of the best methods include:

CO2 extraction
Ethanol extraction
Extraction with olive oil
Hydrocarbon extraction

Companies that use CO2 extraction have the highest quality products. Extraction with ethanol and olive oil is also safe, but will not generate the same positive effects.

Try to avoid products from companies that use hydrocarbon extraction.
Testing techniques

Be sure to select a company that uses special testing techniques. You can get informed about this by viewing the published test results or simply reading the description on the bottle.
Check the GMP laboratory certification

Finally, you should apply for a GMP certificate. This is a special certificate that is awarded to companies that have met the requirements for good manufacturing practices. This certificate is proof that the manufacturer you have chosen will offer you high quality products.

In addition, companies with GMP certificates must maintain their standards. You have to deliver products of the same quality to maintain your reputation. In short, a GMP certificate is proof that you are doing business with a trusted company.
How to use and consume CBD oil

We have developed a separate article on how you should consume CBD oil according to the guidelines of MEDCAN association in Switzerland.

Read how CBD oil works and how to use it properly.
8. Conclusion

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the non-psychoactive cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. These cannabinoids have the ability to act on the cannabinoid receptors found in the body. Studies have shown that CBD helps reduce chronic pain by its impact on the activity of endocannabinoid receptors, reducing inflammation and interacting with neurotransmitters. Its many benefits are attractive for both the medical field and recreational users.

Thanks to its rapidly growing popularity, we are sure that CBD and its unique qualities can become part of our daily routine as a natural way to reduce stress and pain. We strongly believe that it will soon play a crucial role in the medical field, improving the lives of people suffering from certain mental and physical diseases.

Is CBD legal?

In this article, we have not covered the legal aspect of CBD locally, as this is a broad and complex topic that will be addressed in a separate article.

The legal landscape is constantly changing around the world, but always in favor of CBD, hemp and medicinal cannabis. The same products are sometimes classified as drugs, dietary supplements or ingredients; everything depends on local legislation and the adaptation of cannabis-derived products.

In some countries CBD can be purchased everywhere, in others CBD is sold in pharmacies or prescribed only by doctors. In other countries, CBD is sold only by the government or available in hospitals, etc.

In all EU countries, the import of CBD is allowed for personal use if the THC content is less than 0.2% (Italy allows up to 0.6% THC).

In the US, CBD is allowed in most states, but it is not fully legalized at the federal level, even if it is expected to be done very soon.

To summarize the legal aspect of CBD, we always recommend that you check the legislation in your country. and ask your doctor for advice before using it.

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