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Cannabidiol: What are the Real Benefits of CBD products?

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Cannabidiol: what are the real benefits of CBD products?

Cannabidiol or CBD is now a legal substance in France. Its advantages? Calm stress, fight anxiety and improve sleep. Which form should be preferred? Can this molecule really soothe us? The point about the effects and risks of hemp « well-being ».
Cannabis: Are CBD products effective for relaxing or sleeping?

What is cannabidiol or CBD?
Cannabidiol (CBD): what are its calming effects? Its therapeutic properties? What is its purpose?
What are the risks of cannabidiol?
Oils, flowers or capsules: which CBD product to choose?
Where to buy it?
Our selection of CBD products

According to a July 2022 survey, 11% of French people have already tried CBD, or are using it regularly (source 1). Smoking flowers, oils, e-liquids, herbal teas, drinks, sweets… today there are more than 2,000 specialty stores, 3,000 pharmacies, 2,000 retail stores and 10,000 tobacco stores that market cannabidiol-based products, known as CBD. A real enthusiasm that continues to be confirmed by the investigations and the testimonies of consumers. And while some use it to reduce their recreational cannabis use, it is mainly the reduction of stress and anxiety, the improvement of sleep or mood that is sought by others.
What is cannabidiol or CBD?

Cannabidiol is a molecule derived from cannabis. To be distinguished from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), another molecule derived from cannabis, which has psychotropic effects and is considered a narcotic.

CBD acts on the central nervous system, but does not cause a modified state of consciousness. It is not classified as amazing, reassures Professor Nicolas Authier.

Cannabidiol (CBD): what are its calming effects? Its therapeutic properties? What is its purpose?

Various studies have confirmed the therapeutic virtues of CBD. The feedback we get from our patients is quite positive about anxiety and sleep problems, which are part of the picture of depression or can lead to it, reports Dr William Lowenstein, an addict. They say CBD gives them more peace of mind, better sleep and better sleep.”

What plants help you sleep?
Which plants help you sleep better?

How does he act?

The anxyolitic and relaxing effect goes through two systems: «On the one hand, CBD activates a serotonin receptor, a hormone involved in managing emotions, on the other it modulates the GABA receptors, involved in anxious manifestations»explains Professor Nicolas Authier.
In which case should I use it?

In case of anxiety or a drop in reactive morale, for example related to a transient difficulty. “If it’s chronic anxiety or if there are symptoms such as mood breakdown, frequent crying, difficulty getting up in the morning, loss of interest in family, friends, usual activities… then CBD has no place.” The only thing to do is consult now.
Can CBD really be relaxed?

CBD’s action on anxiety and traumatic stress is documented. But CBD doesn’t cure chronic anxiety, says Authier. If you take it constantly, watch out for the delay in diagnosis.” 10 mg CBD per day is an average dose for low to moderate effects.
Has its effectiveness been proven?

Although its effect on all depressive symptoms has not been formally demonstrated by clinical studies, a lot of research is underway to evaluate it and preliminary studies give rather promising results. Good news according to Lowenstein: “At a time when the effectiveness of the most prescribed antidepressants (serotonin reuptake inhibitors) is in question, it would be a shame to miss molecules like CBD, which seems to have interesting antidepressant potential.”

What are the risks of cannabidiol?
Does it have side effects that can be dangerous?

Diarrhea, drowsiness, fatigue, fever, vomiting and decreased appetite are the most frequently reported in the studies (less than one in 10 people) which nevertheless use dosages higher than those recommended here. On the other hand, they have not yet shown a risk of dependence on CBD,” says Professor Authier. “There is no health risk, according to Professor Authier. At worst, this will cause drowsiness for a few hours.”
What dose should I take it?

In self-medication, Authier recommends starting with 10 mg per day divided into two doses, which is 1 drop for each dose if the oil is 10% CBD or 2 if it is 5%. If this does not seem to be enough, then increase by 10 mg daily or every other day, to a total of 50 mg. “Beyond that, and especially if you’re taking other medications, it’s best to be accompanied by a pharmacist to find the right dose or a doctor to make sure you haven’t missed a diagnosis of depression.”
CBD may interact with certain drugs

It is estimated that at least 60 therapeutic classes could interact with cannabidiol,” says Lowenstein. Studies have shown that CBD can slow down the elimination of certain drugs, resulting in a potential increase in their adverse effects,” says Authier. These include, among others, ibuprofen, certain sleeping pills (zolpidem, zopiclone), antidepressants (sertraline), antiepileptics (carbamazepine), beta-blockers (carvedilol), neuroleptics (clozapine), antacids from the proton pump inhibitor family, anti-hypertensive, anti-cancer…

A risk that should nevertheless be nuanced: The doses of cannabidiol usually used are rarely as high as those that can interact with drugs, says Authier. But as a precaution, it is better to have the advice of your doctor when taking drugs, especially those whose efficacy and side effects are very sensitive to changes in blood concentrations, such as levothyroxine, used for hypothyroidism.”

Who can’t take CBD? What are the contraindications?

CBD is not recommended for use in children under 18 years of age, pregnant or nursing women, or if liver or kidney failure is present.

Oils, flowers or capsules: which CBD product to choose?

Our experts advise to choose it in the form of oil, which is used sublingually, the active principle thus entering the mucosa to directly reach the blood circulation. The effect of e-liquids and CBD flowers, which are used with a vaporization device, is faster but less durable and the dosage more difficult to control, says Authier. Oils help to better control the dosage, and if their effect is slower, it lasts longer.”

Good to know: when putting the drops under the tongue, it is necessary to wait about 1 minute before swallowing to maximize the bioavailability of CBD.
Where to buy it?

“If the symptoms are very troublesome, or if you are taking other medications, it is better to buy it from a pharmacy to find out whether or not it is relevant to take CBD,” Authier advises. On the Internet or in shops, we must ensure that the product does not contain more than 0.3% THC, a European legal limit beyond which it is considered narcotic. Therefore it is better to choose French or European brands, more attentive to comply with the legislation in force and make efforts on the quality of their products.

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