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CBD: Benefits, Uses, Side-Effects, Quality?

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With CBD oil, a new trend has emerged and the well-known crop hemp has returned to the focus. For a long time, hemp was frowned upon as an intoxicant, but the plant scores with numerous positive effects on health. Hemp has been considered analgesic for ages and can also help with restlessness.

But what is actually behind the myth? Today, hemp is increasingly used again as a natural remedy. The CBD oil obtained from the leaves of the hemp plant scores with many positive influences on health. Not to be confused with hemp oil, which is obtained from the seeds of the cannabis plant.

The following guide explains the effects and applications of CBD oil and provides tips on what to look for when buying CBD drops.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil (cannabidiol) is an extract made from the flowers and leaves of hemp plants. Unlike THC, CBD does not induce psychoactive, intoxicating effects in the user. Therefore, it is freely available in Germany and the EU without a prescription.

The oils usually contain 0.2 percent of THC. Due to this very low proportion, THC detectability is virtually non-existent, these products are freely available in Germany and approved for distribution.

The following ingredients are contained in commercially available CBD oils:

Hemp oil cold pressed
Vitamin E
Hemp molecules

The CBD oil is used as an addition to ointments or creams as well as for CBD drops that can be taken orally.
Buy CBD oil – the most important tips

The selection of CBD oils and other hemp products on the Internet is particularly large. Therefore, you should not order too quickly from a dealer, just because he advertises with an unbeatable low price. The production is complex and the production of quality products requires a lot of work and technical know-how, so this also affects the price.

If you want to buy CBD oil, the following characteristics should be considered:

Organic farming
Free of pesticides
Free of additives
Rearing and production within EUR
The manufacturer is certified
Products are regularly tested by laboratories

Manufacturers of CBD drops at a glance

Below we have compared the premium manufacturers of CBD drops for you.

The table lists CBD oil 10% with medium content, this strain is by far the most purchased and the most popular CBD drops.

The manufacturers listed here have been on the market for a long time and have many positive quality features. If you have no experience and want to buy CBD oil for the first time, it is recommended to rely on well-known manufacturers, as they are already used by many users and are subject to regular controls.

In addition to CBD oil, real marijuana containing THC has also been legal in Germany for some years now when used for medicinal purposes.

If it is prescribed by a doctor, medical marijuana is also legal in Germany for certain diseases, more on this under cannabis on prescription in Germany.
CBD oil 20%: high concentration for strong effect & yield

CBD drops with a 20% content of cannabidiol are among the most dosed products, so a high bioavailability can be assumed. With such a highly concentrated CBD oil, a few drops are enough to reach the daily dose. In this respect, such CBD oils are very productive, even if the content of the bottle is only between 10 and 20 milliliters.

CBD oil with 20% is particularly suitable for users who suffer from inner restlessness or health restrictions. A higher dosage can (assuming good tolerability) have a positive effect on the sensation of chronic pain. With regard to the quality of the end product, it is important that cannabidiol was extracted using a gentle process.

Effect of CBD oil

The effect of CBD (cannabidiol) is soothing, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and anti-anxiety. Therefore, it finds application in pain, stress, nervousness and poor sleep. It is extracted from the hemp plant and processed into CBD oil and other products.

The cannabis plant has various active ingredients called cannabinoids. These include THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). THC has a strong psychoactive, high-making effect that leads to feelings of happiness, euphoria and an increased pulse rate. Many people therefore associate cannabis with the fact that it leads to a state of intoxication. With CBD, however, this is not the case, here only the positive effects on health mentioned at the beginning occur. This is scientifically confirmed and proven. The reason is that CBD has a completely different effect on the human body and in particular responds to other receptors.
Controlling effect in the human body

CBD drops and other products such as sprays, creams, ointments or capsules are freely available in Germany. That is, these are not classified as a drug and no prescription by a doctor is necessary. The products can be purchased online or in local shops. They are classified as food supplements and are becoming increasingly popular among users.

CBD is one of 70 cannabinoids of the marijuana plant. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found both in plants and in the human body. CBD as a non-endogenous, exogenous cannabinoid has a controlling effect on the body’s own functions and can supplement and strengthen them. The following table gives an overview of the different organs of the human body and what effect CBD oil has in each area.

Organ Receptor Controlling effect on
Brain CB1 Anxiety, depression, nausea, pain, sleep
Heart CB1 / CB2 heart rate
Liver CB1 / CB2 cell protection
Intestinal CB1 / CB2 Inflammation, intestinal activity
Skin CB1 / CB2 Inflammation, pain
Immune defense CB2 Inflammation, defense
Nervous system CB2 Pain
Bone CB2 Bone growth
How fast does CBD oil work?

CBD oil is administered orally and swallowed. Accordingly, it is quickly transferred into the bloodstream and has a rapid effect in the human body. How quickly an improvement of symptoms and complaints occurs, however, depends on individual factors such as gender, weight and duration of the complaints.

In particular, it should be noted here that in people who suffer from complaints such as pain or sleep problems for months or years, it can not be assumed that the symptoms disappear from one day to the next when taking CBD oil once. A quick effect of CBD within a few hours or days is not to be expected in these cases. In studies, CBD oil was used on subjects for at least 30 days before the effect was measured and proven.

CBD effect duration
Areas of application of CBD oil

Many people today suffer from sleep disorders. You are tired all day, but when you go to sleep in the evening, the thoughts begin to circle and you can not leave the everyday stress behind. Others fall asleep well, but wake up after a few hours and can not do an eye for the rest of the night. CBD oil has a calming effect on sleep problems. Unlike other sleep aids, however, you are fully operational the next day.

Hemp can also help with mental health problems such as anxiety disorders or burnout and depression, which are so widespread today. In this respect, various studies have already been conducted, one of them in Germany at the University of Leipzig. As a result, 32 percent of the CBD test subjects showed reduced anxiety.

In addition, it is successfully used in cancer therapy to mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy. Nausea and vomiting are combated.

Patients who have used CBD oil for chronic pain have also achieved good results. In addition, CBD oil is used as a support for the treatment of inflammatory joint diseases. Thus, CBD oil has many possible positive applications both in the fight against pain and in the treatment of mental problems such as restlessness or depression.

Overview Applications of CBD Oil

For the following symptoms and diseases, the effects of CBD have an influence as described in the table:
Symptom / disease effect
Sleep disturbance The calming effect reduces stress and improves sleep.
Anxiety / depression / psychoses Anxiety-relieving / antidepressant effect
Pain / muscle cramps Analgesic / relaxing
Epilepsy / Seizures Antispasmodic effect
Inflammation Anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory
Rheumatism / arthritis improvement well-being and stiffness
Nausea (including cancer therapy) Reduction of nausea (similar to ginger and chamomile)
Tumor inhibition of tumor growth

The effects are not conclusively scientifically confirmed. However, many people report the described positive effects on the mentioned symptoms and disease patterns.
Use and intake of CBD oil

High quality CBD oil is usually given orally. It is important to get the body used to it slowly and to proceed with caution during application. First, it is recommended to apply a drop under the tongue, from here the substance is absorbed through the oral mucosa. Depending on the reason of the application, type of complaints and the amount of the active ingredient, a different CBD oil dosage is recommended.

Important features for taking

To determine the number of CBD drops, there are important features that should be considered. Not every patient who goes to the doctor because he has pain is prescribed the same painkillers. There are different active ingredients and different strengths of the active ingredients. The doctor will always adjust the prescription individually to the patient.

Important factors when using CBD are the following:

Type of complaints, symptoms or diseases
Intensity of complaints, symptoms or diseases
Body weight
State of health
Taking existing medications/interactions
Tolerance / sensitivity

These factors must be taken into account when using and dosing CBD oils.
Micro, standard and macro dosing

In addition to the previously described method of gradually increasing the supply of CBD, Julia Birnbaum and Leonard Leinow have set up a dosage scale in their book « Healing with CBD », which is divided into three different areas. It is divided into microdosing, standard dosing and macrodosing.

The following dosage recommendations are given here:
Dosage type Amount of CBD in mg per day Symptoms / Symptoms
Microdosing 0.5-20 mg Sleep disorders, stress, imbalance, malaise, nausea, mild pain, mild psychological problems
Standard dosage 20-100 mg Depression, arthritis, Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, moderate pain, moderate mental problems
Macrodosage 400 mg Epilepsy, cancer, tumor, severe pain, severe mental problems, chronic severe complaints

CBD oils come in different percentages, what exactly does this mean for the dosage? A CBD oil 10% contains 4 mg of CBD active ingredient per drop, so for the micro dosage would be a intake of 1-5 drops per day. For the standard dosage, however, up to 25 drops per day could be supplied. For macro dosing, even up to 100 drops a day would be possible.

Important: the above values are the target dose and not the initial dose. In general, it is recommended to start with a low dosage. The dosage scale also provides only estimates and does not correspond to any binding recommendations. A concrete recommendation should always be made in consultation with the attending physician.
Is an overdose possible?

Overall, only a few side effects of CBD are known, they also occur rarely and only a few people are affected. The study Safety and side effects of cannabidiol investigated exactly this. Patients were given very high doses of 1,500 mg CBD per day. It was reported that even this very high dosage did not cause any problems and was well tolerated.


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