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CBD: Best Benefits, Uses, Side-Effects?

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The most important things to know about CBD

CBD is the substance cannabidiol, a cannabinoid in the hemp plant. In addition, there are 112 other cannabinoids.
CBD should not be confused with the harmful substance THC, which is also a component of the hemp plant. THC is known for its psychoactive effect.
Because CBD oil has no psychoactive effect, it is perfectly legal to buy it. In addition, many studies in the US and other countries confirm the positive effect of CBD on health.

Questions you should ask yourself before buying CBD oil
What is CBD?

CBD is one of the many substances contained in the hemp plant. Strictly speaking, it is the plant substance CBDa.
Only by vaporizing or smoking does the so-called decarboxylation occur. This is a process in which CBDa is converted into CBD.

The same is true for the harmful substance THC, which is also contained in many varieties of hemp. However, it should be noted here that, as already mentioned, there are several varieties of hemp.

Conventional hemp is industrial hemp. It is produced in large quantities and contains only small amounts of THC.

Industrial hemp grown in different countries is characterized, among other things, by a maximum THC content of 0.2%. Other varieties of hemp may have a significantly higher content.

Therefore, it can be said that the generic term hemp does not mean the same thing as marijuana.

Industrial hemp also has another valuable property; it contains large amounts of CBD, so it can be used to produce CBD oil.
Is Cannabis oil legal?

As we have already mentioned, industrial hemp, which is also used for the production of cannabis oil, is legally cultivated. However, the THC content should not exceed 0.2%.

Unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive properties. There are also no known side effects so far, which is why buying CBD oil does not require a prescription.

It is also important to note that not all countries have the same regulations. In Thailand, for example, only products with a THC content of 0% are allowed.

In other words, CBD oil at a 0.2% dose is legal in Romania, but it can have consequences when you enter countries like Thailand with it.

Therefore, in these cases, you should always ensure that the product in question bears the label “does not contain THC”.

In addition, the substance is considered a dietary supplement in Romania. In some other countries, however, it is considered a drug and therefore requires a prescription.
What are the components of CBD oil?

In addition to CBD, cannabis oil is accompanied by a number of other substances that are believed to have a beneficial effect on health.
The interaction between our body’s endocannabinoid system and cannabinoids that are components of CBD should be mentioned.

The minerals that are commonly found in CBD oil are listed below


Among cannabinoids, the following substances are commonly used:


What is the purpose of the trace elements in a CBD oil?

Trace elements serve as dietary supplements because they are considered vital components of our diet.
In addition to the classical classification of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, there are also trace elements, as well as fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Calcium, for example, serves to form and strengthen bones and teeth, without which we could not survive in the long term. Iron, on the other hand, belongs to minerals and is important for blood formation and oxygen transport.

Potassium is responsible for water balance. Magnesium has a great influence on muscles and nerves and also supports numerous organ functions. Phosphorus plays an essential role in cellular structure.

How important are cannabinoids?

A good cannabis oil contains nearly 500 active substances, of which about 80 are detectable in the marijuana plant. These cannabinoids are characterized by their positive effect on the brain and nervous system.
CBG, for example, has an antibacterial effect, while CBDA has been shown to have a positive effect on some cancers. In addition, the substance can help against nausea. (1)

CBN, on the other hand, has a psychoactive effect, which, however, has a reversal function due to an extremely small amount; thus, it has an anti-anxiety effect, a calming effect, and intraocular pressure is reduced.

CBD itself has an analgesic effect, which is why the plant substance is often recommended by doctors for headaches, bone pain and cramps.
What is the effect of Cannabis oil?

CBD is mainly used for its analgesic effect against all types of pain. This can be a headache (2), for example.

What is the effect of Cannabis oil?

CBD is mainly used for its analgesic effect against all types of pain. These can be headaches (2), for example, but also migraines (3) or chronic pain. (4)

These include, for example, the following painful conditions:

Neuropathic pain (5, 6)
Fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis (7, 8)

However, CBD is not considered a remedy for pain. These are conditions caused by a disease or circulatory problems. CBD can relieve pain only for a short period of time. The cause itself remains untouched.

For this reason, CBD is used in many cases only as an aid for other treatments. In addition to the possibility of relieving pain, the substance also offers the possibility of reducing medication.

In addition, there is a low probability that the conditions will recur. Since each organism reacts individually to the active substance, the effect may vary.

CBD oil is also very useful in treating and supporting various therapies. These include a variety of serious physical conditions whose symptoms can be alleviated by taking CBD oil.

Epilepsy (9 , 10)
Multiple sclerosis (11, 12)
Parkinson’s disease (13, 14)
Inflammatory bowel disease (15 , 16)
Irritable bowel syndrome (17)
Alzheimer’s disease (18)

A number of mental illnesses can also be alleviated, and symptoms can be reduced by consuming CBD oil. These include, for example:

Depression (19, 20)
ADHD (21)
Autism (22)
Sleep disorders (23)
Anxiety disorders (24, 25)
Schizophrenia (26)

Nicotine withdrawal can also be supported with CBD oil. (27 , 28)
Can CBD be used as a preventative measure?

CBD has a positive effect on the immune and nervous system. Pain can be effectively relieved. However, as already mentioned, it can not fight the disease.

However, less pain has a positive effect on both the body and the psyche, so the pain is felt less intensely.

Another positive point of the active ingredient is better well-being. Taking CBD oil, you feel more vital and sleep problems can be alleviated.

In addition, you feel less stressed due to the positive influence on the psyche, which brings a number of other advantages.

For example, you are much more resistant to a variety of common diseases. They usually originate in a high level of stress.

According to several studies, CBD can even prevent the proliferation of degenerate cells, so the substance has been increasingly mentioned recently in the discussions about fighting cancer. (29)

Cannabis oil can also help delay early pancreatic disease caused by type 1 diabetes. (30)

In addition, CBD oil has a positive effect on the heart, which leads to a lower likelihood of heart attacks and stroke.

Did you know that CBD can help you if you follow a diet?

CBD suppresses appetite and appetite for unhealthy snacks. If you combine your diet with sports activities, CBD helps your body regenerate due to its muscle relaxation effect.

The plant substance can prevent the development of osteoporosis.

What is the optimal dose of CBD oil?

The right dose depends largely on the purpose of the treatment. For general use, for example, a small dose is sufficient. In the case of diseases, the situation is different; depending on the disease and intensity, a higher dose is recommended.

For serious conditions/diseases or chemotherapy: For the first week, a ten percent oil is the best choice. Four drops in the morning and four drops in the evening are great. In the second week, there should be five drops in the morning and five drops in the evening. The process can be repeated in the coming weeks.

For conditions with moderate pain: For the first week, three drops every morning and evening are optimal. From the third week, there should be an increase to five drops, three times a day. A 5% oil is a good choice.

For mild conditions: Again, 5% oil is a good choice. Three drops should be taken in the morning and three drops in the evening. From the second week onwards, there can be five drops.

Sleep problems and minor pain: Three drops of 2% CBD oil should be taken three times a day.
How quickly does CBD oil become apparent?

The substance performs its effect differently from person to person. However, CDB in the form of oil has no known side effects, so you can take it for a long time without worries.

As a rule, however, it takes four weeks for the first visible effect to become apparent. For some people, the effect does not become apparent until after six to eight weeks.

CBD tablets or capsules with cannabis oil contain the same active ingredient, but differ in taste. The Capsule, by…

Who is CBD oil suitable for?

With certain medications, such as omeprazole or diazepam, the oil can lead to undesirable side effects. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a doctor before taking the oil.

It is also not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Are the side effects of CBD oil known?

In principle, CBD oil is not accompanied by side effects. Most of them occur at the initial stage of ingestion, because the body first has to adapt to the substance. In addition, each organism reacts more or less differently to the active substance, so only a general response can be found.

Once the body has adapted to the oil, the side effects usually disappear again quickly. In addition, researchers have been able to demonstrate, based on studies, that high doses of the substance cannot harm the body.

What types of CBD products are there and which is right for you?

Basically, you can distinguish between four different types of CBD products

CBD oil
Drops of CBD
Liquid CBD
CBD capsules

Next, we explain the different types and their advantages and disadvantages. That way, we want to help you find the best CBD product for you.
What is CBD oil and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

CBD oil has a particularly high purity, which is reflected in a greater effect. Oils with a dose of 2%, 5%, 7.5% and 10% are the most used. A higher dose also promises a greater effect. However, the dose should match the severity of painful conditions.

Possibility of individual dosing
excellent tolerance
versatile use


It is not a good choice for those on the move
The taste takes a long time to get used to

What are CBD drops and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

CBD drops are absorbed directly with the tongue and are ideal for those on the move. It is also characterized by a rapid effect.

quick effect
Ideal for those on the move
individual dosage


The taste takes a lot to get used to
Small variety of products

What is CBD liquid and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

CBD liquid is intended for smoking or modeling, which is why it is suitable for e-cigarettes and e-vape. The substance itself is vaporized. In addition, no waste is consumed. However, many products on the market contain the harmful substance nicotine.

Easier to use
Can be dosed individually
Ideal for electronic cigarettes, vaporizers


Nicotine is contained in many products
It can only be used for vaping/smoking
What are CBD capsules and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

CBD capsules are tasteless because the oil is inside the capsule’s shell. The capsule itself is made of gelatin. When the capsule reaches the stomach and the capsule’s shell dissolves, the active ingredients in the oil are delivered to the body through the bloodstream. So it takes some time for the effect to develop.

No taste
The oil contained has a high purity


The effect is delayed
Liquid is required for ingestion

Criteria for acquisition

These are the factors you can use to compare and evaluate CBD oils
Next, we will show you what criteria you can use to compare and evaluate cannabis CBD oils. This will make it easier for you to get an overview and decide on a suitable and effective product.

In short, these are the following criteria

dosage form

Below you can read about those criteria and find out why it makes sense to buy a product based on the criteria.

The dose indicates how high the CBD content really is. The bigger it is, the stronger the effect. However, a high dose is recommended only for severe pain. It also depends on the person. After all, each body reacts individually to the substance.

For mild pain or sleep problems, a preparation with a dose of 2% is enough. If the pain is a little more severe, a 5% dose is better. In case of considerable discomfort, a ten percent oil is recommended.
Dosage form

CBD oil has the advantage that the market offers a wide variety of products In most cases, it is an advantage that the dosage can be done individually. However, in some cases, this can also be a disadvantage; for some diseases, a fixed dose is mandatory.

In this case, tablets or capsules with cannabis oil are suitable because they always have the same dose. In addition, they are not accompanied by an unpleasant taste.

Did you know you can use CBD on your pets?

Most pets are vertebrate and also have an endocannabinoid system. Anxiety or depression occurs when the chemical balance in the brain is out of control.

Dogs are particularly sensitive to this. Therefore, CBD can be used without hesitation in animals due to its non-psychoactive effect, but it should be discussed with your veterinarian.

A higher purity is accompanied by a higher corresponding effect. In addition, products with relatively low purity are accompanied by harmful by-products.

Therefore, reputable suppliers always offer high purity CBD oils. If in doubt, it may be worth asking the manufacturer.
Facts worth knowing about CBD oil

What is the history of CBD?

CBD or cannabis oil is, as we have already mentioned, an integral part of the hemp plant. It has been used for a variety of purposes for over 10,000 years For example, it was already considered a medicinal plant at the time and was a reliable source for clothing and other textiles.

In the Middle Ages, hemp oil was also used as a remedy for hypertension. Hemp fiber was used for candles and rope.

However, Napoleon established a continental blockade in the 19th century, so hemp was later replaced with cotton.

Hemp is now grown legally in many countries. In Germany alone, over 50 different varieties of hemp are grown. However, care is always taken to ensure that the THC content exceeds 0.2%.
How is CBD oil produced?

CBD oil is normally produced by carbon dioxide extraction. In this process, the plant is easily heated. At the same time, it is exposed to high pressure so that the plant substance dissolves.

Another possibility is alcohol extraction, which can provide large amounts of CBD optimally. The THC content also remains very low.
Does CBD oil have a shelf life?

CBD oil has a long shelf life if stored properly. The prerequisite is a low temperature and as little light as possible. If these data are observed, the oil can be used after one year without any problems and its quality remains unchanged.


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