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CBD OIL (10 Health Benefits of CBD)

CBD oil
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CBD oil: how to choose it well?

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of hundreds of molecules naturally present in hemp plants. It is extracted from certain parts of Cannabis Sativa plants. It is a molecule with many benefits for totally legal use in France. Indeed, CBD has no psychotropic effect and does not lead to addiction, unlike THC which is also present in hemp. CBD is marketed in many forms, the most approved of which is oil. This product can be used in many ways: orally, applied topically, or mixed with other products. Many credit CBD with some of the beneficial effects of medical cannabis, which is confirmed by more and more CBD users. The uses of this product do not stop there, since it is also used in food and in cosmetics.
What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is, as the name suggests, an oil containing a certain concentration of cannabidiol. It can be a cannabis oil or an oil from another plant, but which is in any case enriched with CBD by the addition of crystals of this substance. There are therefore many types of CBD oils depending on the method of manufacture. Hemp oil is one of the most sought after, as it is 100% derived from cannabis and is enriched with CBD. There are also CBD oils made from olive, walnut, sunflower or hazelnut oil. Whatever the base of the oil, its effects remain the same and only the taste changes. How to choose the right CBD oil? Before making your cbd oil purchase, you should be interested in certain criteria that influence the quality of the product. These include criteria relating to composition, methods of manufacture and composition. So you buy a quality CBD oil. 
The type of oil

10 health benefits of CBD

CBD (or cannabidiol) is a substance found in the cannabis plant and has many therapeutic properties. Although it is not a drug, it has positive effects on the well-being of the body at various levels. To benefit from these benefits, it is advisable to consume them responsibly following the right method and the recommended dosage. Although no concrete study of the mechanisms of this substance has been conducted in humans, many users testify to its surprising health effects.
CBD is antipsychotic

More and more people are using CBD to overcome drug addiction. Unlike THC which causes psychoactive effects, this compound of medical cannabis is a real antagonist of all psychotropic substances. The mechanism used by cannabidiol to end dependence is to directly influence contextual memory.

According to many studies, addiction is the result of a set of happy memories of taking these substances. By altering the seat of these memories, the cannabidiol gradually eliminates the urge to use this type of substance again. On the other hand, CBD is a real support for people with mental disorders. It significantly improves brain function by providing support and protection.

The most impressive in the antipsychotic properties of CBD is its antagonism on THC. This makes it possible to inhibit the effects of THC on the body, namely the feeling of being high, euphoria and sometimes anxiety. CBD also contributes to the regulation of vital functions through its sedative properties. This results in the deceleration of the heart rate and the cessation of tremors.

Cannabidiol is an anti-inflammatory

Inflammation is a natural response of the body to an aggressor. It manifests as redness, pain and local heat. It usually dissipates within a few hours, but sometimes it becomes chronic or repetitive. At this level, it is the immune system that is set in motion to rapidly and effectively mitigate the inflammatory response. In many diseases, CBD has served as an excellent catalyst for immune responses. It also acts to relieve inflammatory symptoms observed in certain diseases.

Cannabidiol is also known for fighting oxidative stress by causing the destruction of altered immune cells. In doing so, it modulates the activity of the body’s antioxidant and oxidizing substances to restore balance. It contributes to the reduction of free radicals and keeps the body in the most optimal state possible. Similarly, for drug treatments that cause side effects such as inflammation, cannabidiol is used to relieve these effects.

In order to exercise its anti-inflammatory action, CBD associates with the receptors of the opioid system through the endocannabinoid system. Thus, whatever the location of the inflammation, it helps to reduce pain, swelling and re-establishes the connection between the different neurons involved in immune mediation.
CBD is an analgesic

This is the most common effect for which CBD is widely used. Whether in acute or chronic muscle pain or neuropathic pain, cannabidiol provides almost immediate relief. He also deals with pain in internal organs with the same specificity. The human body system to which we owe this remarkable therapeutic demonstration of CBD is the endocannabinoid system.

Through targeted interaction with receptors within this system, CBD is able to modulate the intensity of pain for nerve impulses. For this, it stimulates the activation of serotonin receptors that are involved in pain perception, sleep and also anxiety. Serotonin, also known as the happiness hormone, causes an incredible sense of well-being when stimulated.

CBD is also used for pain caused by injury. Whether it is an internal or external injury, the painkiller action of CBD combined with its anti-inflammatory action provides quick relief. It also acts to relieve pain caused by certain diseases such as rheumatism or fibromyalgia. However, we would like to point out that CBD is not used to cure these diseases, but rather to relieve symptoms even beyond the pain. If you want to have an overview of the various products on the market, please visit this CBD specialist website.

Medical cannabis is an anxiolytic

To provide its anti-anxiety effects, CBD activates adenosine receptors. It thus regulates the cardiovascular functions as well as the secretion of dopamine by the brain. It is thanks to this property that CBD is most often used in cases of insomnia. Cannabidiol mainly intervenes in the management of stress and depressive states. It is a compound that provides a feeling of peace and well-being. As a result, it plays a strong role in eliminating all physical discomforts experienced under stress.

In case of panic or anxiety attacks, CBD acts quickly to stabilize your vitals. Studies are being considered to situate the use of CBD in relation to people with various kinds of mental disorders. Because these disorders most often translate into anxiety and stress, cannabidiol may be able to bring real relief to these symptoms. In addition to soothing the body, it also relaxes the muscles to lower the accumulated tension.

By freeing yourself from stress, anxiety and panic attacks, your physical and mental health will be much better. However, do not believe that cannabidiol is able to replace conventional anxiolytics already used. It can only be used as a complementary solution after consulting a doctor.

Cannabidiol promotes good memory

It is important to know that CBD has no negative effects on the brain. On the contrary, it contributes to neurogenesis and the protection of nerve cells. He focuses on the neurons in the hippocampus that help to consolidate memory. It also acts as a natural solution to improve memory in people with memory problems.

Several studies have been carried out in rats and have shown that cannabidiol plays a major role in maintaining memory. From these studies, it was found that rats with low doses of CBD were able to recall many details accurately and quickly. Above, it was noted that CBD acts as a perfect antagonist of THC. It also helps to reverse the effects caused by THC such as memory loss in some cases.

In addition, in cases where memory disorders lead to behavioural disorders, CBD also acts to regulate dopamine concentration. This neurotransmitter is indeed related to behavior. For people with neurodegenerative diseases, hypotheses about the use of CBD to relieve cognitive decline appear to be verified. It has also been found that CBD could stem brain destruction from various traumas.
Medical cannabis is excellent for better concentration

In all daily tasks, it is important to maintain a certain level of concentration. But there are days when staying focused is almost impossible. This may be due to a simple distraction or constitute symptoms of an illness. Using CBD to improve concentration does not mean that it will eliminate distraction points, but will correct the causes of this lack of concentration.

In terms of cognitive support in general, the focus of CBD is on the side of the brain. As with memory, CBD binds to dopamine and regulates its level. With better dopamine levels, the concentration is significantly improved. This helps to strengthen awakening in order to facilitate learning among the youngest as well as the accomplishment of delicate work for adults.

In addition to concentration, CBD also has a positive influence on attention. It is different from concentration, but requires the same areas of action in the brain. The focus is basically to see what’s around us. The CBD thus acts as a complement to the body to reinforce the interest in a task to be performed, a danger to be avoided or the discussion with a person.

CBD cleans the skin

With cannabidiol, you are able to say goodbye to most of your skin problems. From acne to blackheads and skin conditions, CBD seems to be a first-rate solution. It helps to inhibit the production of lipids to avoid the phenomenon of oily skin. It also acts on the sebaceous glands to reduce the appearance of acne.

Cannabidiol is also indicated for the treatment of dry skin. In the case of irritated skin or allergic reactions, CBD exerts its anti-inflammatory action to provide you with quick and effective relief. For most microbial skin conditions, CBD is also known to be a good antibiotic. It also appears to be particularly effective against multi-resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus (Staphylococcus aureus).

Similarly, cannabidiol helps heal wounds and pain on the skin. Thanks to its healing properties, it allows a faster regeneration of cells and permanently inhibits the pain signals by its analgesic properties. Finally, CBD slows down skin aging through its antioxidant power. To keep your skin healthy, there are many CBD products available for local applications (ointment, cream, balm, etc.).
skin problems
Medical cannabis is an anticonvulsant

Cannabidiol is increasingly used to relieve seizures. These seizures are accompanied by several symptoms, the most dominant of which is convulsion. Because CBD is natural and has no side effects, it is used safely in children with epilepsy. Concretely, CBD binds to receptors in the endocannabinoid system to restore balance throughout the body. In the case of epilepsy, there is a significant decrease in seizures with CBD.

In addition to epilepsy, people with seizures, cramps or muscle spasms may also refer to cannabidiol. Here too, the compound activates the CB2 receptors that intervene in the body’s response to pain. First, it relieves the pain associated with these sudden and involuntary convulsions and then reduces muscle fatigue to promote mobility again.

Moreover, it has already been shown that CBD is a muscle relaxant par excellence. This is one of the factors that promote sleep when insomniacs use it. This would also limit the risk of cramps and spasms. But to benefit from the beneficial effects of CBD, it is important to consume it properly while respecting the dosage and routes of administration.
Cannabidiol provides energy

CBD is often recommended in cases of fatigue. Although it provides enough soothing effects, it can in some cases be an energy reservoir. This capacity of cannabidiol is explained by its regenerative and antioxidant properties. This induces an important genesis and strengthening of all the cells of the body. Your body is bursting with vitality and fatigue can even decide not to be felt.

In addition, CBD is involved in the regulation of the enzyme responsible for the synthesis of anandamide. At this stage, it acts as a brake on this enzyme, which causes a general feeling of euphoria due to a limited concentration of anandamide in the body. This is what results in a more jovial mood, a more reinforced sociability and a deep feeling of generalized well-being.

In the fight against stress, it was noted that CBD restored the body’s balance. This balance is essential in order to draw the energy necessary to carry out the work of a whole day. Getting energy also means improving the quality of sleep and reducing muscle tension. And it’s to help you always recharge your batteries safely that CBD has been incorporated into cakes and other sweets with various exquisite flavours.

Medical cannabis protects internal organs

Endocannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) are found in the majority of human internal organs. For this purpose, CBD can exercise its remedial action on any damaged tissue. Specifically in the intestine, activation of the glycerin receptor helps reduce chronic inflammatory pain. It also helps to combat gastrointestinal disorders while eliminating nausea and vomiting.

At the brain level, it plays both a regenerative and protective role. Its effects are all the more noticeable in the hippocampus and neurons. CBD actively participates in their rapid regeneration and protection. This greatly improves the mental state and morale of many people. In cases of brain injury, CBD can quickly relieve the effects through its analgesic properties.

To know why the endocannabinoid system is so important, it is that it intervenes in the regulation of all human constants (temperature, tension, memory, pain perception, etc.). Failure of this system, however small, can cause serious problems. It also deals with immune reactions. In this sense, CBD strengthens and strengthens the immune system for better resistance to pathogens.


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