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CBD: 10 Benefits and Uses?

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CBD oil supplies the human endocannabinoid system with exogenous cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD for short) and is a product for people of all ages thanks to its many other properties. However, since CBD is not psychoactive, the « high » associated with cannabis use in CBD oil does not occur.

We have compiled the ten most common uses of CBD oil:

Pain relief
Muscle regeneration
Skin purity
Anti-inflammatory effects
Weaning of addictions
Menstrual cramps

First pain relief

Cannabis has been used by our ancestors for thousands of years as a painkiller. However, current clinical studies also indicate that active substances such as THC and CBD can be helpful in neuropathic, inflammatory and oncological pain¹.

2nd Anxiety

Since some researchers believe that CBD can help with anxiety or panic attacks based on study results², there are already more and more products in the USA that have been specially developed to treat stress, anxiety and panic disorders³.


In animal experiments, the improvement of sleep quality by the administration of CBD has already been proven. In more developed markets such as the USA, there are therefore a whole range of CBD oils, capsules and other products that have been specially designed to facilitate falling asleep and staying asleep.

Better focus & mental clarity

CBD products to promote cognitive abilities are mainly found in advanced CBD markets such as the USA. These are supposed to provide more focus and mental clarity thanks to the combination of CBD and other medicinal herbs.

5th muscle regeneration

In the US, products such as CBD chewing gum and dietary supplements are already available that have been specially developed for the fastest possible muscle regeneration. Many athletes like to resort to CBD products.

6th skin purity

CBD can not only strengthen the human body from the inside, but also help to treat impure skin and acne. Thus, CBD oils and special CBD-containing lotions or cosmetics can be applied directly to the affected area.

After just a few weeks, noticeable changes in the treated areas and other areas of the skin have been detected in many cases.

Anti-inflammatory effects

Many people with chronic pain disorders, which are often due to foci of inflammation in the body, write on the Internet of sustainable relief of their complaints after starting a CBD-based treatment. However, clinical studies such as Role of the Cannabinoid System in Pain Control and Therapeutic Implications for the Management of Acute and Chronic Pain Episodes » by Manzanares, M.D.Julian and Carrascosa also suggest that CBD can be used effectively against inflammation.

Weaning of addictions

Since it has been observed in scientific studies that CBD can support smoking cessation, it is hardly surprising that in countries with an advanced view of cannabidiol products, more and more articles on cessation of nicotine products such as cigarettes
are offered¹.

9th menstrual cramps

Many girls and women suffer from severe symptoms during their period. Abdominal cramps, headaches and general discomfort are not uncommon. Sometimes the symptoms are so severe that everyday life is difficult to cope with. Hemp and its ingredients were used more than a hundred years ago as a remedy for menstrual pain. Russel Reynolds was already prescribed a cannabis tincture for her menstrual problems in the 19th century. CBD against menstrual pain is currently being researched more and more and there are already various products with different types of application that provide effective relief against menstrual cramps for people in advanced markets such as the USA¹¹ or Switzerland.


Currently, there is increasing research into whether CBD can help alleviate migraine symptoms such as severe headaches, as there are already scientific studies on the use of CBD as a measure to alleviate the symptoms. It must be clearly stated that although research on CBD as a migraine medication has already produced promising results, it is still relatively early. This is mainly due to the strict regulation of cannabis, but since legalization, especially in some states of the United States, scientific studies are also advancing at a high pace.¹²


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