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Effects of CBD: Can You Experience a Bad Trip While Consuming CBD?

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If you’re not living in a cave, you’ve probably heard of CBD. This non-psychotropic derivative of the cannabis or hemp plant is increasingly used due to the numerous benefits it is said to have both in France and worldwide.

The positive effects of CBD range from relieving anxiety and stress to facilitating sleep, but also relieving various types of pain. As you may have noticed, CBD has anti-anxiety, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that allow it to counteract a variety of ailments. But the question that keeps coming up remains: Can CBD trigger a bad trip?

After reading this article: What exactly is a bad trip? What is CBD? Can CBD really be a bac trip? If so, how can you avoid it?
What’s a bad trip?

Can you take a bad trip with cannabis light alias CBD?

A bad trip is a disturbing life experience that occasionally occurs after taking psychedelic drugs such as LSD and cannabis. So if we stick to the original definition, the bad trip with CBD denotes a whole range of both physical and emotional inconveniences that result from consuming CBD.

A bad trip can include physical danger, intense negative emotions such as irrational fears and anxiety or hallucinations that trigger extreme anxiety and panic. Bad trips are often associated with high doses of hallucinogens, but can also occur at lower doses, especially in people with a corresponding predisposition.

Bad trips are especially common within 90 minutes of taking or inhalation. However, they can also occur without warning at any point in the experiment. The symptoms of a bad trip can be frightening hallucinations (visual or auditory), confusion, accelerated heartbeat, paranoia, panic attacks, self-destructive behavior, delusions, nausea, vomiting, intense dysphoria, despair and/or suicidal thoughts.

But when you talk about CBD, you come across a stumbling block in the definition of bad trip, how? Patience, that will come. But first we come to the definition of cannabidiol (CBD).
What is CBD Oil?

What is the difference between CBD and THC?

CBD is a non-psychotropic molecule found at the level of the hemp plant. In fact, the cannabis plant contains about 100 active compounds called cannabinoids, to which CBD, CBG, THC… However, unlike THC, CBD does not cause any psychoactive effects. Thus, this risk-free compound does not cause euphoria, hallucinations or a high effect like the THC, which is available on the parallel market and is considered an illegal drug.

Since then, millions of people have been taking CBD as a safe alternative to cannabis, as it supposedly has all the same healing properties, but none of the psychotropic effects. Many also use it as an alternative medicine in the treatment of various diseases, as it affects health.

In France, legislation wants it, CBD products (flowers, resin, oil, e-liquid…) must necessarily have a THC content of less than 0.2%. This is an almost complete absence of THC in legal CBD products. Now that you know a little more about CBD, let’s get back to our main topic: the bad trip!
Can CBD really be a bad trip?

Can you take a bad trip with CBD?

Let us first recall the definition of the word bad trip, which was about the following
psychedelic substances
. Since CBD does not belong to this substance category, it should be emphasized that it is likely an abuse of language to speak of a bad trip when it comes to CBD, « cannabis light » is probably an abuse of language.

Although CBD is a non-psychotropic molecule that is still the subject of ongoing scientific studies, it is not expected to have serious side effects. In fact, the first studies on CBD unanimously state that CBD does not cause euphoria, high or addiction … if used correctly and especially if the CBD product strictly adheres to a THC content of zero or less than 0.2%.
How CBD works after ingestion

But how does CBD affect our body? What are the effects of CBD and how does it affect our body? What happens when we take CBD?

To understand how CBD affects the body, it is first imperative to understand what.
the endocannabinoid system
This system is a complex network of receptors located in almost all parts of the human body. These receptors help regulate functions such as metabolism, energy, sleep and pain.

Bad Trip with CBD: Are there cases?

Is there even a tiny chance that you will suffer a bad trip by taking CBD? To this question, we simply answer that at our level, none of our customers told us that they felt uncomfortable after using our CBD products.

Nevertheless, for reasons of transparency, we do everything we can to learn everything worth knowing about CBD, and that also means investigating

The potential side effects of CBD.

Through all channels. And what could be better than looking through the « REAL » opinions on the Internet left by several consumers of this hemp derivative to gain clarity.

Let’s be honest: As a CBD online shop, CBD shop, coffee shop or CBD shop, we all talk about the benefits of CBD because it simply sells well. And the fact that no serious side effects related to CBD have been recorded in studies so far makes things much easier.

An exception?

However, when we listed the possible side effects of CBD, we were surprised that a certain teenager spoke of a bad trip. His testimony can be found on drogen info service.

On the website, the young man states that he had a bad trip after unwittingly consuming a CBD-containing e-liquid. We’ve made some spelling changes to improve readability, here’s his testimony:

I had a bad trip, someone from my circle of acquaintances offered me to pull on his e-cigarette without necessarily knowing that it is CBD, » says the young man, adding that after 30 seconds the effect became more intense.

„When I turned around, I saw how everything in my vision was stretched horizontally, I did not go straight, everything turned and started all over again, like a loop, I no longer felt any pain (…). I was taken to the hospital, where the effect « subsided » after 30 minutes of bathing.

Most astonishing, however, is the fact that he mentioned that he felt the same effects again for three weeks after this unfortunate incident.

„I haven’t been going to class for two days now when I walk around my house and already walking on causes hallucinations, as if it wasn’t me who continues, but the walls that approach me, I can’t bear it anymore. I’m afraid to leave the house or even leave. « I saw on the internet that these hallucinations could last my whole life, » he said.
CBD effects and bad trip: our opinion

It is important to know that the effect of each substance (including CBD) varies from person to person. But here we ask ourselves whether CBD really causes such complaints, or whether it is actually high-quality CBD? If so, how high was the THC content and how high the CBD concentration, the hit of the e-liquids in question…?

And by the way, the drug information service told him that he would have felt the same effect even without taking CBD. In some cases, you may experience the same effects even without consumption. In this case, it is no longer the product that works, but it is the fears and fears and the associated weaknesses that continue to be noticeable in different ways. « And that’s probably the case with you, » the website replied.
How to avoid a bad trip with CBD?

How to dose your CBD oil correctly? How many drops of CBD oil to fall asleep?

If you are a newcomer to CBD, it is important to know that you do not need to have bad experiences to

Benefits of CBD

CBD has several beneficial properties to help you live a healthy life.

To waste the chance of a Zen life by making a bad trip from the beginning would prove to be extremely unfortunate. Because it looks like the lack of information related to the use of CBD products, be it CBD oil, flowers, CBD e-liquids… cause quite avoidable inconvenience.

You should know that every CBD product has a mandatory THC content. Each CBD product also has a specific CBD concentration and an optimal way of consumption. But no matter which method of consumption you choose, when it comes to taking CBD oil or vaporizing flowers, caution is paramount.

Here are some tips to avoid a bad trip with CBD:

Pay attention to the quality of the CBD product you want to buy;
Checking whether the product is THC-free or has a THC content of less than 0.2% as required by the law: In this respect, it should be noted that France 3 reported that a CBD shop during a home search by the police products with a high THChad a salary in his possession. So again, when buying a high-quality CBD product, be careful;
Start by taking small doses and gradually increase them.

To get your body used to CBD, you can also take CBD candies. CBD sweets with their exquisite taste have above all the effect of cannabidiol and therefore have a relaxing and sleep-promoting effect.


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